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New media are bringing massive change to the ways in which we communicate. Much emphasis is placed on relationships and the communities that we relate to. Older media like radio and TV still need quality content but in the world of new media this is being challenged as interaction and the building of relationships assumes higher priority.

But this poses serious questions for those of us still involved in radio. Does it meet their needs? Are listeners made to feel respected and of significance in a de-personalised world? Ultimately the listener only cares about content that meets needs and what makes him or her feel good.

This web-site explores the varied roles that radio in particular plays in the lives of its listeners. Parallels can also be drawn with other media.

  • It helps the broadcaster to better understand the diversity of programming available.
  • It expands the reader's understanding as it reviews the wide scope of possibilities that abound. And finally...
  • ... it helps the broadcaster develop programming strategies by reviewing the roles most suitable for the audience.

Here you can find the full text of all six chapters of this Internet-published update of Radio Programming Roles as well as additional materials.  You can also explore the various roles and see both examples and discussion questions for each. These are all free for download or printing.

Not doing radio? Never mind - we are moving forward with a new site. It enables Roles in the wider context of other media too. Take a look at the digital site.

Log-in has now been dropped so that you have free access to everything you find here. If you choose to use the materials please give due attribution. Follow the guidelines on Copyright.

 Topics on this web-site include the following:

  • The fourteen roles of radio - unpacked together with practical examples and discussion questions
  • The Gray Matrix - a useful planning tool for understanding the balance between cultivating relationships and imparting knowledge
  • Dimensions of the Message - understanding the most important elements of the Christian broadcaster's message
  • Incarnational Radio - getting radio out of the studio and into the community
  • Finding Answers - addressing the importance of audience research
  • Using New Technology - looking at the impact new media technologies are having on radio broadcasting

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You can find translations of the first edition of Roles in French, Indonesian, Russian and Spanish by visiting the Downloads page as well as other useful resources for study and training.


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