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Radio Programming Roles

Acknowledgements and Copyright Issues


This book could not have been written without the help of many other people.

I would especially like to acknowledge Dr Ross James who co-authored the first edition with me and who has given his full blessing to my continuing with this second edition. I also would like to express thanks to Patrick and Eila Murphy, Patrick for having been happy to check my writings and make constructive suggestions, and Eila for her particular help in the writing of chapter 5 on research, her speciality. Jan Bayliss has also been a great help and encouragement and will continue to be useful as it will interface with her on-going development of training in programming and community development.

On the business end of things I am grateful to Dan Cura, president of FEBC (Philippines) and to Carlos Pena, the International Executive Director of FEBC. Their backing and support have been a great source of encouragement.

On the technical side I have been grateful to much patient help from Paul Newlin who has enabled the revised web-site to come together

Last, but possibly most important, are the many program makers and broadcasters of FEBC who through the years have demonstrated the versatility of radio in its many forms and who have thereby inspired the writing of Radio Programming Roles.

Many thanks to you all!


PLEASE NOTE: All material contained within this on-line book is fully copyright. It may not be reproduced or translated in any form without the permission of the author. However, we encourage full use of this material — as widely as possible and in as many languages as possible. Kindly provide attribution regarding the source.

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