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October 2011 

Times are changing, as we are reminded every day. We may try to hang on to what we feel safe with but the fact is that we have to move forward too. If we don’t move forward we lose touch.

Radio Roles is moving on too! I shall continue to keep the existing web site in place and will update the content (have been working on some changes to chapter 6 on New Technology this week) and simplifying the English. The mobile version at (Programming Roles) is essentially on hold for now but may be useful to browse when travelling.

Meanwhile other changes are afoot as we shift our emphasis toward media roles. A new Media Roles blog site is taking shape and I shall be sharing details of that soon. Initially it ties in with a New Media workshop to be held in Singapore next month (November 2011) but we expect to be an on-going forum for discussion.

In the meantime I have set up a new Facebook group called Media Roles which I suggest you sign up for – if you are interested.  My growing concern is that we only learn about new media as we use them.  We may use them for personal (which is good) but we need to take that experience and apply it in the context of ministry. 

Expect more activity too on Twitter and follow @radioroles. 

It is becoming clear to us that that new media are different. They encourage participation and interaction. They are not media that encourage us to be passive.

At the same time there is still a place for radio where we can chill out and relax – or be informed or entertained while doing something else. We – and our listeners - may still be among those who actively listen to radio and enjoy our favourite programs on a regular basis.

May God give us great wisdom, insight and creativity as we make these transitions while not forsaking the old and traditional media. 

More soon!

fg Oct 20 2011