Radio Roles

Radio Programming Roles

The Different Roles

The Roles

radio has many uses and fulfils a variety of functions, but most listeners are not consciously aware of this. However, as radio professionals it helps us if we can categorise programs according to these identifiable roles.

Most programs fulfil a variety of roles, but they usually have one main intent. Here is a listing of the ones we have identified. All radio programs will fall into the category of one or more of the following roles. They are listed alphabetically. Click on any of the roles to take you to an expanded description of that roles. Further links will take you to practical examples from FEBC's experience as well as discussion questions.

Advocacy (4)  |  Apologetic(8)  |  Celebration(12)  |  Counselling(10)  |  Entertainment(2)  |  Information(1)  |  Inspiration(6)   |  Instruction(3)  |  Interactive(14)  |  Modelling(13)  |  Positioning(5)  | Proclamation(9)  |  Supplementary(11)  |  Witness(7)