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The scope of Radio Programming Roles is enormous and extends far beyond the chapters outlined here.

Many others have also written on related topics and continue to do so. Extras is a section that contains or provides access to these other writings. These are packaged in two main areas:

Goldmine -  is where you will be able to mine nuggets, both excerpts and "reprints" from earlier publications, which are still relevant today. Click here. Guest View - another place where others can have their writings - past or present - published on the web. Click here

Audience Research is Eila's domain where she relates the significance of research to many of the topics featured or under discussion. Click here

FIRST Response is manage by Mike who heads up the disaster-response initiative. He has had his hands full responding to natural disasters while training national staff in various countries on how to respond with a radio component. Find out

Live broadcasts can now be heard on-line in any part of the world thanks to the Internet. The latest to be added is Thai... Click here

Peace-building is something we are getting back into. It is much needed and appreciated in communities that are split by a history of distrust and violence. Click here

A Sample Role (Advocacy) is available for viewing. Roles generally are only viewable by those who have a log-in - but here is a sample

The Bowman Signature Project is a current initiative among FEBC's programmers. Find out how this initiative is getting our broadcasters out of the studio...Click here