Radio Roles

Radio Programming Roles

Why this book?

Roles is designed primarily for Christian radio practitioners, producers and presenters. It has a strong Christian emphasis to it. But it also has great value for those who are in sympathy with Christian broadcasting, the communication of the Christian message and Christian values generally.

The printed version of Radio Programming Roles 2nd edition is not due for publication until 2011 (perhaps!). In the meantime this web site is officially commissioned to be a pre-cursor of the printed edition. It facilitates the continual updating of material, especially examples and discussion questions. It is also designed to encourage interaction and dialogue. The latter is only be available to those who have signed up as regular users and who have a log-in issued to them. It is also anticipated that training materials will be provided as a companion to the web-site and book.

Readers who are willing to discuss further are encouraged to engage in dialogue using the Contact Us  tab provided. The content will be constantly upgraded and revised with new material and links provided. Each page shows the date of the latest revision.