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FIRST Response



Our aim is to equip local teams so that they can provide a radio component for disaster relief within 72-hours of a disaster, anywhere in the world. Our first experience of responding to disasters came with the 2004 South Asia Tsunami. Our response time has been getting better ever since, especially as we localise and train national radio teams to respond.

Within a few years First Response has become a sub-division of FEBC under the leadership of Mike Adams. For the latest details visit


To provide critical information for communities struck by natural disasters and thereby assist relief efforts mounted by government agencies and NGOs. To provide a voice for the people and a help in time of need.

Training Events

  • Manila - Legaspi  [June 2007]
  • Bangalore - Tamil Nadu  [June 2008]
  • Jakarta - Padang  [Sept/Oct 2009]

Recent Disasters

  • Padang  (Oct 2009)
  • Pangasinan  (Oct 2009)
  • Bihar Flooding (Sept/Oct 2008)


"The government expressed strong support for the work of the station, both verbally, in writing and in action, giving us daily updates on casualty figures and records of damage, allowing us to use their office space, and encouraging us to take a permanent licence for a disaster response/community development station" (Padang report, Oct 2009).

"Several guests came to the station to give on-air interviews. An experienced trauma psychologist gave on-air counselling and also commented favourably to us on our programming to assist psycho-social well-being." (Padang report, Oct 2009)


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